Our new industrial and commercial strategy aims to create a market-oriented company that is efficient, sustainable and an internationally leader.

Consistent with this strategy, we chose the name Versalis to better represent the values, the development goals and repositioning of the company.

As of 5 April, the change in name to Versalis will only affect Polimeri Europa SpA and the Liaison Offices in Moscow and Cairo. The foreign subsidiaries (ie Polimeri Europa Benelux SA, Polimeri Europa France SAS, Polimeri Europa Gmbh, Polimeri Europa sa, Polimeri Europa Ibérica SA, Polimeri Europa Kimya, Polimeri Europa Norden a/s, Polimeri Europa Polska, Polimeri Europa UK Ltd, Dunastyr) will maintain their existing corporate names.

The new logo will be introduced in a planned and gradual way, starting from 5 April, with the aim of completing the entire process by the end of 2012. The Versalis website is also undergoing updates and modifications and therefore still includes documents and information referring to and regarding the name Polimeri Europa.

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